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Apple Juice 
Bradleys produce a wide range of single variety apple juices to suite all tastes from a sharp and dry Bramley juice to a silky sweet Russet apple juice Our range changes throughout the year as we include various alternative fruits with our apple juice. 
Cox and Bramley Apple Juice 
My personal favourite as this is a dry juice with the unique flavours of the Bramley coming through. A juice you could drink with any meal. 
Apple & Rhubarb 
A favourite with Nicholas Gage who buys it from the markets We have used red pippin apples which work fantastically with the sharpness of the Rhubarb A magnificent drink for all seasons. 
Apple & Ginger 
One of our big sellers. We only use raw root ginger which compliments the apple juice. We do not carbonate this drink as we believe carbonation will mask the fantastic flavours of the apple and raw ginger. 
Russet Apple Juice 
We juice these apples once they have turned golden so that we capture all the flavours of the russet apple. This juice is a favourite with our younger customers as it is relatively sweet. 
Sparkling Apple Juice 
Our sparkling juice is made from single variety apples and lightly carbonated to improve the flavour. No other ingredients are added or removed from our juice.  
Bradleys Quench 
Our quench range of juices are the most quaffable drinks you can have to enjoy all year round we only use the highest quality fruits to bring you a range of juices unsurpassed by any one else. 
Traditional Lemonade 
Made the traditional way with no funny ingredients to enhance the flavour We believe that the shorter the ingredient list the better the product is for you. Our Lemonade has only the juice from Sicilian lemons water and sugar combined to create a lemonade that tastes just like your Mum made it in years gone by. 
Cranberry and Apple Juice 
Cranberries have loads of health benefits but they do not taste or smell of anything So our quench uses only the best apple juice to sweeten the cranberry juice giving you a beautifully balanced juice which is not too sharp and not too sweet. 
Brewed Ginger Beer 
Its all go at Box Bush Farm with us brewing our ginger beer using a traditional recipe. We only use fresh ginger lemons and limes with no additives to give you a taste that takes you back to your childhood. 
Try our ginger with chilies. The chilies give the drink a new dimension and adds a bit of power without masking the ginger flavour and warming effect. 
Apple and Raspberry 
Using our hand icked apples, we add the juice of fresh raspberries to give you a unque thirst quenching drink to be enjoyed all year round. 
Elderflower Bubbly 
Our elderflower bubbly is made using only the finest ingredients. We have created an exquisite drink that lightly bubbly that can be enjoyed all year round. 
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 
Bradelys are please to bring to you this freshly squeezed juice, that tastes just like you would make in your own home.  
Lime with Ginger  
Using freshly squuezed lime juice, we add fresh ginger juice, this makes a sharp and thirst quenching, slightly fizzy drink. 
At Box Bush we have recently started producing cider in small quantities The first few years we ended up with Cider Vinegar but with lots of help from friends and neighbours I believe we have a well rounded refreshing cider which does not have any baddies in it like Sulphites. Our cider is completely naturally fermented using natural yeast As we only produce small volumes get in early as Bradders disappears extremely quickly. 
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