Apple Juice 
Using only hand-selected Somerset apples, pressed on the farm, creating the finest, freshest apple juice with no added chemicals or preservatives. Bradley's is very proud of it's signature Apple Juice range;  
Pure juice, as it should taste. 
Cloudy Apple 
A personal favourite of Mr Bradley (and even spotted being drunk by the PM!), the Traditional Cloudy Juice is made using single variety, hand selected apples. We wouldn't dare add anything to this juice - it tastes as it should, straight from the tree to your table. 
Apple Juice 
Just like the Traditional Cloudy Juice, our Sparkling Apple is made from single variety apples but is lightly carbonated to enhance the flavour. The added sparkle is perfect to enhance any celebration or just make every other day that little bit more special. 
Apple & Rhubarb 
We have used red pippin apples which work fantastically with the sharpness of the Rhubarb. Using only the best spring rhubarb, this is a sign that it will (hopefully!) be getting warmer soon! A magnificent drink for all seasons. 
Apple & Ginger 
One of our big sellers. We only use raw root ginger which nicely compliments the apple juice. This juice tastes equally fantastic chilled or warmed up, perfect for any season or winter night. 
Apple & Wild Blackberry  
Our Winter edition. Made using hand picked hedgerow blackberries - mixed with our crisp apple juice it makes a fantastic drink, almost comfortingly reminiscent of apple crumble. Perfect for those cold winter months. 
Apple and Beetroot 
Introducing the newest member of the Bradley's Family! This earthy delight is perfect for the heath-concious - packed full of antioxidants and vitimins - or those who just want to feel a bit healthy (without too much effort!)  
Our Apple Juice comes in both a 33cl bottle and a 75cl bottle - for those times when one glass is just not enough (or, you know, you actually don't mind letting somebody else have some....) 
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