Our Products 

Apple Juice 
Bradley's create the finest, freshest apple juice using Somerset apples, hand selected and pressed on our farm.  
Traditional Cloudy Apple 
My personal favourite as this is a dry juice with the unique flavours of the Bramley coming through. A juice you could drink with any meal. 
Apple & Rhubarb 
A favourite with Nicholas Cage, who buys it from the markets. We have used red pippin apples which work fantastically with the sharpness of the Rhubarb. A magnificent drink for all seasons. 
Apple & Ginger 
One of our big sellers. We only use raw root ginger which nicely compliments the apple juice. We do not carbonate this drink as we believe carbonation will mask the fantastic flavours of the apple and raw ginger. 
Apple & Wild Blackberry 
Our Winter edition. Made using hand picked hedgerow blackberries - mixed with our crisp apple juice it makes a fantastic drink, almost comfortingly reminiscent of apple crumble. Perfect for those cold winter months. 
Sparkling Apple Juice 
Our sparkling juice is made from single variety apples and is lightly carbonated to enhance the flavour. No other ingredients are added or removed from our juice.  
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